Our Vision

To contribute towards the betterment of the society by facilitating empowerment of the neglected section of the society through quality education, effective healthcare, livelihood opportunities and skill development.
  • To bring slum children enrolled in government schools at par with private school children by giving them remedial classes
  • To make slum children excel in Computer Education and Spoken English by giving the essential resources
  • To enroll dropped-out slum children in bridge courses to give them a better future
  • To promote ‘volunteerism’ and ‘teaching skills’ in slum children through our various programmes
  • To nurture practice of healthy hygiene activities in slums by engaging doctors and other medical professionals

Our mission

Guiding guardians in enrolling their wards in schools and supporting students to perform well in their schools too. We also have provisions for ‘adult education’.

Unless every Indian irrespective of his/her socio-economic background get education India can’t be ‘educated’. Keeping this into consideration, we aim to provide education to children aged between 6-18 years irrespective of their current status of being enrolled with any formal educational institution or not

Under this programme, we aim to nurture ‘volunteerism’ and ‘teaching skills’ of students. This will also help those students in building self-confidence and growing as an individual.

In the ‘digitized world’ of today, computer education has become need of the hour for every individual. This has motivated us to come up with our ‘Target 20 Twenty’ programme.

Under this programme, basic knowledge of computer is provided to all students who are enrolled with us through our experienced and technocrat volunteers.

Good skills in Spoken English and Computer education are the two key components of employability, nowadays. Therefore, under our livelihood programme, we attempt to make underprivileged youths (aged between 18-35 years) employable through Spoken English in collaboration with TEACH INDIA while they are also given hand-in experience of MS Office as part of the computer education from our own experts.


Meet our team

Want to be a part of this team?

Send us your profile to info@cehroindia.org for internships and volunteer work.

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