Artistic India

Creativity is wings, but knowledge is our legs. These kids need to stand on their own in order to fly; hence this program is organized to enhance their skills and nurture them, so that they stand strong and fly high.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
― Pablo Picasso

Many kids often have an artistic side to them which is hidden due to the lack of adequate opportunities which are required to enhance one’s skills.

This programme provides them necessary training and classes about new techniques of art, dance and craft.

Key Highlights

● On weekends training is imparted about new techniques of art, dance and craft.
● Many students have manifested their talent in craftwork, painting and dancing and have made some splendid stuff like necklaces, vases, pen-stands etc. with just colored sheets and glue.
● We are planning to set-up stalls of the work of these children at schools, colleges and in companies so that we can showcase the talent and potential these children possess.
● Currently, 250 students are reaping benefits of this program.

Story of Change:
Name: Sapna

Sapna comes from a family of 4 children with a father working as a driver and mother working as a domestic helper. Sapna herself was made to work in houses. It was Cehro India that got her admitted into school at class 8. It was here that she passed for the first time. She also discovered her talent and love for art and today she is amazing in drawing and quilling. She currently awaits her class 10 results.

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