Daan Utsav
14 Sep

CEHRO India aims to support all its children from the first day of the school to the first day of the college. From Munirka Village’s government school for years, only less than 10% of the children passing 12th go on to attend a regular college. So many of them also drop out before completing 12th. In the given scenario no conversation is possible around the quality of higher education or child’s interest in a particular field. We want to change the scenario hence we support the child from first day s/he enters school to the first day s/he enters college. All this is possible when we receive support from a lot of people.

The joy of Giving Week is a perfect opportunity for you to say that you care. Daan Utsav is a festival which is not associated with us or with any other NGO. It is like any other festival successful when we celebrate it together. Let us spread goodness by giving.


What is Daan Utsav?

DaanUtsav, earlier called Joy of Giving Week (JGW), is India’s very own festival of giving. It aims to spread love, joy, and happiness among those who are lesser fortunate than us, and for each one of us to experience the joy in giving. It is like our own Diwali or Id, with a key feature that it celebrates “giving”. People celebrate this festival in various ways. Some people donate money, some their time, some materials, and some just pure love. DaanUtsav is celebrated for a week starting Gandhi Jayanti (Oct 2-8) every year and was launched in 2009.

DaanUtsav is a festival, much like Diwali, Id or Christmas- but not linked to any religion. It is not an NGO or organization and is not owned or controlled by anyone. A group of 100+ volunteers and champions across India promote the festival and millions participate! While it raises crores of rupees and millions of volunteer hours, what matters is the number of people whose hearts were touched, and who personally experienced the true joy there is in giving. (http://daanutsavfellow.org/about-daan-utsav)

How can you celebrate Daan Utsav with us?

In Daan Utsav, you are free to give any thing as said ‘Kuch bhi do per dil se do’. You can spend some time with children telling them stories, motivating them, you can make monetary contributions and you can donate in kind. You can organize Daan Utsav in your locality/society/community and collect items to be donated to various NGOs or groups. There is no fixed way. The only thing which matters is putting your heart in it.

We have also prepared a list of items we need in case you have something that you can donate from the below-given list please contact us.

  1. Books – We have compiled four lists of recommended books- Please donate one of these- List 1 (Recommended by Association of Writers & Illustrators for Children and PAG-e, Hindi and English), List 2 (Recommended by NCERT-English), List 3 (Recommended by NCERT- Hindi) List 4 (Compiled by CEHRO INDIA)
  2. Speakers – Any type of speakers with 3.5 mm jack
  3. Stationary Items – Mostly donated in bulk. Such as Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Sketch pens/pencils, Sketch Colour, Eraser, Sharpener, Crayons, Coloured A4 size papers, Whiteboard marker, Permanent marker, Cello tape, Glitter pens, quilling paper, Noticeboards, Colouring in books
  4. Recording Mic
  5. White Boards
  6. DSLR Camera
  7. Tripod
  8. Projector
  9. Laptop/Computer
  10. Musical Instruments – Acoustic Guitar, piano keyboard, and Tabla
  11. Sports Equipment – Football, Sports Shoes, Badminton Racket and Net, Cones, and Markers and other sports-related materials.

Talk to us at 9910943638 or email us at info@cehroindia.org

CEHRO India is a registered society based out of Delhi. It operates a learning center in Munirka Village, Delhi. The learning center supports after-school needs of 300 children from the area to equiped with skills to become successful in life. To know more please visit- www.cehroindia.org

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