Health and Hygeine practices

Knowing cleanliness is next to godliness, and living in a democratic country why should the slums be deprived from this grace just because they are unaware and un-educated. Hence keeping that in mind, CEHRO acts as the messenger in order to provide them with awareness as well resources such as drinkable water, health concerns, infrastructure and many other environmental concerns

Therefore CEHRO also aims to impart education on health and hygiene to the communities residing at Munirka village in order to improve their health and standard of living.

Key Highlights

● Health and hygiene education aims to make people in the slums aware of the personal hygiene, clean drinking water, regular exercise and healthy and balanced diet and encouraged to live a healthy life.
● Various workshops are organized for the students and their parents with the aid of medical professionals.
● Workshops like hygienic education, dental care and oral practices were conducted.
● Other workshops creating awareness about diseases like chikengunya, dengue and malaria and related to regular exercise, yoga and meditation forms a crucial part of this program.
● A plantation drive was also launched by CEHRO, in association with ‘Teach India’ wherein the kids planted several saplings at Maidan Giri, Saket to make the children understand the significance of nature in our lives.

Story of Change:

Health is the most important aspect of living. Bad health has a negative impact on all the aspects of our lives. And having a strong immunity system amongst kids is most important because they are most easily prone to infections and other health problems. Here at Cehro India we organize regular health campaigns for the kids and also organize information campaigns in nearby slums to spread the knowledge of health and hygiene. Provision of medical facilities, eye check-ups and even getting kids into government hospitals are conducted here by Cehro.

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