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06 Jul

As Albert Einstein said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” In the light of the above statement, it isn’t wrong to say that education is not restricted to the walls of an educational institute one is enrolled in. It is one where the child goes through an overall development of their personality. One which leaves them curious to ask and know more. One where enough isn’t really enough.
We often confuse the idea of education with scholastic knowledge and academic intellect and reiterate on the fact as to how being ‘educated’ is what we all should strive for. But is that the real key to success? We forget in this fast paced world that regardless of the number of degrees or the cash in our wallet, it is the knowledge and experiences we gather that matter the most. Education is definitely necessary but so is the development of other activities that shape how the personality of the child develops. Interests and skills are very important attributes that shape a child’s future, developing them are equally important as educating young minds.
Success is never measured quantitatively but qualitatively. If education is the backbone of a child’s career, knowledge is its soul. Having the ability to rationally think and reflect is what an organization should aim for. It is important not to generate mechanically speaking rot learners but efficient, analytical, reasoning human beings.
The major task at hand is to develop these delicate, persuasive tiny tots in the hands of teachers/guides/mentors who should constantly not only work on the academic ability of the children but also on their ability to reason, think and improve their skills which they have found interest in.
CEHRO believes in the overall development of the young kids and with its aim of educating children, it also works on developing skills and interests of young dreamers. The education mentors focus on a child’s interest area and push them towards what they aspire to do. It strives to provide them the ground to be able to come to the level of every child in India and is on the same pedestal. With varying levels of classes being conducted on music, dance, art, craft etc. it gives them the opportunity to be able to do what they like doing the most and not restrict only to classroom learning.
Hence education is an important factor in the development of a child’s aspirations but not the only factor.

By: Tripti Chowdhury

MPhil student at Jawaharlal Nehru University

She believes in simple living high thinking.

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