Livelihood programme

The very reason a child begs on the street, the very reason a child fails to enjoy their academics, the very reason why their dreams get crushed is all linked to the environment provided to them by their guardians and employment happens to be the key factor in influencing this environment.

Hence CEHRO takes a key step in providing kids the skill set and a platform in order to influence their environments in order to achieve their dreams on their own feet.

A lot of young people, mostly from poor households lose focus of their career to cater to the demands of their failing households. They take up jobs with meager income to support their families instead of continuing education further.
CEHRO takes care of such children who have completed their school education. In collaboration with

Key Highlights

● Aims to increase the employability among youths aged between 18-25 years.
● Classes are delivered on spoken English and basic computers.
● 100 day training is imparted to the enrolled students.
● On successful completion of the training, students are allowed to sit for placements in

selected companies.

Story of Change:

Name: Priyanka

Coming from the slum in Vasant Vihar, Priyanka was 18 when she joined Cehro India. Like most new students she was weak, lacked confidence and was not fluent in English. She studied in Bihar till class 10 and then completed her class 12 via open school. Her father is a driver and her mother is a sanitation worker. Ever since they moved to Delhi she barely left the house. She joined Cehro India and took the 100 days Teach India programme under The Times of India. Today she has a job at Pakh and is doing well for herself and her family with a salary of Rs.12000.

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