CEHRO thrives on the avid belief that poverty must not be a roadblock to the success of any individual and every child deserves good education and health facilities, irrespective of their socio-economic background. We ensure this through our various welfare programmes and hope to revamp the lives of as many families as possible.


Quality student centric education has been a part of discussion for improving India’s education system for so long .But the problem lies in the method of assessing the child’s abilities i.e through numerical scoring. Those who meet the specified standards are treated as pass and those who don’t as failures. Numerous problems arise out of this such as high dropout rates ,anti social behavior ,work in the informal sector ,depression and in some cases even suicide. Children especially from the disadvantaged backgrounds are more prone to these problems. Thus a vicious cycle is created where the children who are to be developed into an asset becomes a liability for the country.

Some social problems we are attempting to solve are disruptive behavior, high dropout rates, absenteeism, Equitable education, Lack of Awareness etc.

These problems have plagued and are deeply rooted into our system .As our society is segregated into two sects – Educated and Uneducated class where the educated class are found to invest more heavily on the education of their child as they have realized the importance of education for themselves. They are conscious of proper nutrition and hygiene. They accordingly look after their children’s need for education at school and good health. A virtuous cycle is therefore created. On the other hand a vicious cycle may be created by disadvantaged parents who, themselves uneducated and lacking in hygiene , keeping their children in a similarly disadvantaged state.


As part of the solution to the problems that we have encountered in our education system at CEHRO
We have developed a highly effective low cost social model of education through which we have reaped high dividends of success. This model rests on four pillars which are interlinked and complement each other. These pillars are as follows:

  • Activity based learning curriculum: We have developed and rigorously follow an innovative “Activity based learning “ curriculum which ensures level based learning and writing in a nurturing environment. This innovative curriculum provides students with a variety of learning opportunities that will shape them into future self dependent and responsible citizens of the country.
  • Role Models /Mentors : We have a large pool of “role models/mentors” which inc.m orporates working and retired professionals , research scholars , college students etc. from both privileged and underprivileged sections who have worked their way up and have created a niche for themselves .
  • Counselling/Interative Sessions : While working we realized that children from disadvantaged background receive very little attention to their academic , emotional and extra curricular growth within the school and in the family . We strived to amend this problem by creating an environment conducive for learning that encourages students to build strong moral fibre and articulate owns feelings. Proper guidance and counseling at regular intervals is held where we interact with children , encourages children to speak their heart out so we can understand their problems and help them as per their requirements. Regular feedback and counseling is also provided to the parents in which we aware them about the importance of education and healthy living, provide them feedback about their wards progress and we also encourage them to develop a bond of trust and love with their children.
  • External Feedback: We believe in a socially equitable society. To transform this dream into reality we are using education as a means to achieve this. We want to create a level playing field in the education system so that children irrespective of their socio economic status can have access to quality education. We regularly take feedback from top executives working in MNC’s , Professors , Sociologists etc. who have 20+ years of experience and also in a constant lookout to reach to more and more people who have created an impact on society through their work and interact with them. This works as, such dignitaries are invited to our centre and irrespective of their busy schedule they visit our centre , interact with our students , our mentors and staff . We discuss our work, problems, future plans and sought their valuable suggestions and feedback. As CEHRO is a young organization in its early stages we want to leave no stone unturned to make the dream of equitable education possible.


We at CEHRO INDIA have formulated more than 10 welfare programmes aimed at elementary education, healthcare and nutrition, digital literacy, employment generation through training in spoken English, skill development, girl child and women empowerment. These programmes are meticulously designed and delivered by a team of self motivated individuals working for the cause. Esc
In our journey so far, the love and support we have received have always provided us strength and hope in continuing our work. We are extremely thankful and appreciate the contribution of all those who have supported our mission.

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