CENTRE FOR EDUCATION AND HEALTH RESEARCH ORGANISATION (CEHRO INDIA), is a philanthropic organization registered under 1860 Societies  Act with an aim to help the unprivileged and neglected sections of society to realize their dreams of living a respectful and dignified life by catering to their basic needs of education and health.

CEHRO INDIA is non government, nonprofit organization set up under Societies Act 1860.

It is the brainchild of the youths coming from premier educational institutes of India. At CEHRO we firmly believe that giving is a way of life and are committed to giving back to the community. Our work focuses on following essential pillars:

  • Education and Employability
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Quality Education and Holistic Development of children
  • Girl child and Women’s empowerment

Under each pillar different programmes are run and conducted by a team of self motivated and hard working individuals working diligently to achieve the dream of a “socially egalitarian” society possible. Key to a sustainable and socially viable community is its strong and motivated citizens. We make sure to institutionalize qualities like strong moral fiber, joie de vivre, resilience, honesty, self discipline, empathy etc. among our children to transform them into future responsible citizens of the country.

Over a period of time CEHRO has evolved into a competent solution provider mainly to the problems such as poverty, social exclusion and unemployment which are chronic issues in slums. Our main target are those disadvantaged children and their families whose parents or either of their parent are involved in menial jobs and are incapable of looking after their child’s education and health efficiently. We strive to make their lives better by up skilling these children and their families with quality education, benefiting health practices and effective parenting so that they can build a better future for themselves directly benefiting them and indirectly the community

The idea here is not to reform education but to transform it. The key to transformation is not to standardize education but personalize it on discovering the individual talents of each child, building individual talents on their achievements, putting students in an environment conducive for learning.
So far CEHRO has helped many children realize their dreams and excel to their full potential through its various programs. Our success story testifies the hard work and efforts put in by all the mentors and staff involved. The aim is to liberate disadvantaged children from all existing barriers and facilitate their way to greater heights.


The Idea/Dream

CEHRO INDIA came into existence in March 2012, founded by a group of likeminded youths. Having faced the hardships in the early part of their life and overcoming them, they realize how important education is in shaping the future of one’s life .They believe that their own life so far has greatly influenced and motivated them towards this cause of equitable education.

The Beginning

The area targeted is Munirka ,New Delhi and the nearby slums as many of the people residing here are labour migrants and engaged in menial jobs(sanitation workers/ washers/ cobblers/ security guards/ domestic helps etc.). The CEHRO Team conducted a series of sustained surveys in Munirka and nearby slums understanding the problems that are deeply rooted in slums posing as barriers to their growth and development. The CEHRO Team then did a community mobilization program with the slums parents and their kids explaining to them the importance of education and health. The first centre of Centre for education & Heath research organization (CEHRO INDIA) was started in Munirka with 50 children .

Our Impact:

As CEHRO India is a young organization in its early stage of operation, we at CEHRO INDIA are leaving no stone unturned to impart quality education to the children , proper livelihood to youths , empower the girl child, skill development and holistic development of children from disadvantaged sections of the society. Till date approximately 1500 children and youth have benefitted from us. Currently, in its fifth year of operation there are close to 525 students enrolled with various fully functional programmes running. These programmes are aimed at different aspects in a child’s career such as developing literary and logic skills , employment generation through training in spoken English and computer education ,health and hygiene and extracurricular activities such as art, music, yoga, meditation ,craft, games etc. Also 100+ students have earned employment through Teach India programme. Teach India (CSR initiative by The Times of India) employability programme running in collaboration with CEHRO in which necessary training in spoken English. We at CEHRO have created a large pool of mentors who come from different backgrounds bringing in diversity .Currently, a team of 60 hard working, self motivated individuals work diligently to impart quality education.

We want to create a environment of awareness and well being among the people and the neighborhood, making them realize the importance of education and health care in their lives. As it is said that “actions speak louder than words” our children have shown tremendous progress in every field be it education, dance, drama, music etc which they are engaged in .This has encouraged and motivated others as well and more and more students and mentors are joining us in this revolution we want to bring in the field of education and healthcare.


The people behind CEHRO INDIA are a group of committed and dedicated individuals coming from different academic, professional and cultural backgrounds. The team at CEHRO incorporates working and retired professionals, research scholars, college students etc


CEHRO INDIA is blessed and thankful to the unconditional support it has received from corporates, other organizations , communites and various individuals .With their love and support it has brought the change in the lives of close to 1500 students and youths till date through more than 10 welfare programmes.

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