Padho Padhao Programme

Why is illiteracy still so widely prevalent and vast? While we have governments, big movements, policies for education, why do some kids still struggle to write their own names?..

It is these questions that led to the establishment of the padho padhao movement.. Taking teachers and youths of strong convictions to teach and having them connect to those students in dire need of teachers; a movement where the one who wants to teach meets those who wanted to be taught. Providing quality educational resources and the basic necessities for a young mind to achieve their dreams and widen their horizons through the people we called Ed-Mentors.
Key Highlights:
● Ed-Mentors go through intensive training and curriculum support.
● The variety of selection procedures make it possible that teachers from diverse backgrounds come and teach.
● A nurturing environment is created where the primary goal is to nurture individuals.

Stories of change:
Name: Rahul Patel

Rahul joined Cehro in class 7. Coming from a family caught in the vicious cycle of poverty with his father working as a security guard and his mother a domestic helper; Rahul had no confidence at all. He was a very student who made mistakes in almost everything he did. Slowly but surely he started to work hard at Cehro India and by the time he reached class 9 he became the topper of his class and an excellent math student. Due to his excellency in Math he started to teach others as well and is currently awaiting his class 10 results. From one of the weakest students Rahul journeyed to be the topper of his class and today is at a point where he can teach others himself. Rahul has definitely come a long way

Name : Anita and Moni

These two little sisters joined us when they were in class 9, coming from a family with a bed ridden father, solely working mother and a family of 5 children life was far from easy from them. The burden for earning a living fell entirely upon their mother who ironed clothes to support the family. Their day generally started with filling water at 5 am in the morning to working hard to support their mother. Often the kids went out to cook in order to help earn money for the family. When Anita and Moni joined Cehro India they gained confidence that added a spark to their personality. They started to focus, work hard and work their way up the ladder to academics. Things at home started to improve as they shared all the chores together. They scored over 70% in their class 10 boards and are currently awaiting their class 12 results. And today the girls aspire to be successful Chartered Accountants in the future.

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