Widening ones horizon is not enough, one needs to provide the basic means to cover the distance; one of these requirements is health and nutrition. Hence CEHRO’s super meal programme aims to provide nutrition to these kids which is part of the holistic development of these kids which the organization believes in.
Another issues that the poor from the urban slums face is lack of access to healthy food. It is a known fact that children require nutritious food to improve their development. Often the lack of access to healthy food hampers the mental and physical development of a child.
Therefore the super meal Program aims to enhance the bodily development of kids by providing good food to them.

Key highlights:

● They are provided with biscuits or bread and jam before noon
● They are provided with fruits twice a week
● They are provide with fruit cake twice a week
● They are also provided with the food they like
● Food is prepared keeping in mind their nutrient content

Story of Change:

Ever since we started the super meal program here at CEHRO INDIA the attendance of the kids have improved to a great extent. Previously kids used to get tired very easily but now they are very energetic and active thanks to the super meal scheme provided to them. More over the nutritious food improves their health and boosts their immunity system and enables improved growth and development.

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