In todays tech savvy world, a screen is a luxury which plays an eminent role in our daily lives.Hence efficiency in digital literacy is essential for our kids to survive in today’s world after all they are the future of tomorrow..

In today’s world it is a known fact that it is almost impossible to function without the use of any type of digital device. The knowledge of computer’s is therefore necessary in order to ensure skill development on the part of the children.

Key Highlights

● Skill based computer training is provided to children from disadvantaged section to cope up with the digitizing world.
● Potential benefits of this program are improved academic performance, increased computer education, enhanced employability skills and job prospects for the youths.
● Till now, more than 300+ children have benefitted from this program.

Story of change:

Here at Cehro India we have introduced computer classes for all the children. Computer classes enhance their skills and improves on their English and also helps them keep up with the pace of digitalization in today’s world further helping them get jobs in malls and other places improving on their standard of living.

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