CEHRO INDIA puts heavy focus on quality education for all. We are providing educational support to every age group in the community; usually from first day of the school to the first day of the college if the child joins in early years. The Community Library Project, Community Innovation Centre and The Padho-Padhao Initiative are very closely linked to each other and they complement each other. We believe each child (person) is unique in interest and abilities and hence no one-approach can fit all. By designing programs with varied focus and methodologies we provide something for everyone. The focus of The Community Library Project is to bring knowledge rich resources to the under-resourced community so that socio-economic factors do not affect knowledge acquisition and a cultural capital gets built. The resources could only be used when the person has basic literacy and numeracy skills and hence The Padho-Padhao Initiative focuses on building literacy and numeracy skills. When we start working with the child usually s/he is 2-4 years behind academically; we help him/her come to the grade level. With the academic skills and resources, the person needs additional mentorship, exposure, opportunities and leadership skills to become successful. Community Innovation Centre provides just that.