The Shared Birthday Project

The Shared Birthday Project helps underserved children celebrate their birthdays with a bang. For the families fighting poverty, celebrating a birthday often doesn't fit the bill. It gets deprioritized, neglected and forgotten. On the other hand, a lot of us do want to share our special occasions with the less fortunate. We celebrate our birthdays at an orphanage, shelter homes or learning centres in multiple ways. The shared birthday project is one of suh ways in which you can share the joy with children by sharing your birthday with them.

To share your birthday, fill up the form.

Why is this so important?

Apart from nutritious food, happiness and love make children healthy. Shared birthday celebrations on 203/365 days in a yearwill affect the health of children at the centre. It will eradicate malnutrition in 300 underserved children in the year 2018.

How do we track the benefits?

We track progress in the health and habit indicators through body mass index records, eating habits and annual check-ups. So, if you like the idea then you can participate in it by filling up this form.

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The Shared Birthdays in 2020-21